The magic of singing the notes while playing

Ear training and note-singing are very important assignments within the online bass course I am attending. At every book lesson there's a specific ear training exercise, very short but very targeted, where I have to sing single notes, intervals, fragments of scales and stuff. But not only am I supposed to do these exercises, I... Continue Reading →


How do you know when you are ready to go on stage?

How do you know when you are ready to go on stage? I mean, how do you know when your musical skills (technique, improvisation, comping or whatever depending on your instrument) have reached a "safe" level that will allow you to feel confident and relaxed on stage? Or the specific mindset that will make you... Continue Reading →

A very warm audience in a cosy Italian theater!

A beautiful Italian-style theater The Musica nel Buio ensemble in the Teatro Comunale di Persiceto (Bologna, Italy), after playing at the screening of the silent movie "The Navigator" by Buster Keaton on Sunday 7 July. The event was included in the festival A TUTTO KEATON I've recently organised. From left to right: Claudio Trotta (drums),... Continue Reading →

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